Commercial Services

ProService Technicians offers an extensive range of expert and
technical services for commercial buildings throughout Ireland.
Our network of technicians are fully insured, RGI registered and
expertly trained to ensure you receive the best service.

We service a range of large commercial gas boilers including
Immergas & MHG. Service/ Commission Large Wall & Floor Boilers
and we can also service all brands and models of Air Handling Units

Other Services:
• Commercial Gas Boiler Service
• Air Handling Units
• Heat Pump Service
• Solar Heating Service
• Biomass/Wood Heating
• Infra Red Gas Heaters
• Warm Air Heating
• Water Heaters

Commercial Services

Heat Pump Servicing

Regular servicing of your heat pump ensures that it is maintained in tip-top condition and will continue to sufficiently supply low-cost heating for many years.
A regular serviced heat pump is safer, more efficient, and less likely to let you down.

Gas Boiler Servicing

Regular gas boiler service is recommended to ensure your gas boilers are performing safety and efficiently. It is recommended that boilers are serviced after every 2,500 running hours or no later than 12 months from the last full service. Our service technicians are technical experts and highly experienced, they can identify and resolve issues promptly minimising disruption to your business.

Air Handling Unit Service

ProService Technicians service all makes and models of Air-Handling Units.

A full service carried out by an experienced ProService technician includes – filters, as well as testing of fan operation, damper function, motor currents, and heat exchangers.

Water Heaters

There are many types of water heater used to provide the hot water needed in most public commercial and industrial buildings.  However, in order to ensure health and safety they all require regular inspection and maintenance.

Warm Air Heater Servicing

Gas-fired warm air heaters are used to create comfort in many public commercial and industrial buildings.
ProService Technicians can provide service for all types and brands of gas-fired warm air heaters.

Solar Heating Servicing

Commercial Solar heating can provide free hot water from the sun. In general these systems are very reliable but if something goes wrong, ProService Technicians can get your solar water heating system back up and running.

Infra Red Heaters

ProService Technicians can provide service for all types and brands of infra-red gas heaters. Our infra red and radiant heater service includes a 33 point checklist to ensure quality service, flue tests to ensure correct draft and carbon monoxide leak detection.

ProService EasyPay – Giving you peace of mind.

Standard visit charge to a commercial building.

Then spread the cost over 12 monthly payments.

Making your life a little bit easier & stress free.

Commercial Maintenance Contract

Once we have completed the Initial Survey, we will be able to offer a maintenance contract tailored to your needs. This will usually cover the following.

• Annual service
• Priority scheduling
• Unlimited technical support
• Automatic scheduling reminders
• Unlimited call-outs option
• Biannual service option
• 12 month parts cover option