When running a business it is important to ensure you are providing a safe environment for your customers and staff. Regular gas boiler service is recommended to ensure your gas boilers are performing safety and efficiently. It is recommended that boilers are serviced after every 2,500 running hours or no later than 12 months from the last full service.

Our service technicians are technical experts and highly experienced, they can identify and resolve issues promptly minimising disruption to your business.

After a gas boiler service, you will receive a service report for your records detailing the work that was carried out as well as any remedial work recommendations that should be attended to.

We follow a 33 point boiler service checklist which includes:
• Installation and Location Tests to ensure you boiler is properly installed.
• Electrical safety inspection checks that the boiler is safely earthed.
• Combustion tests which ensure clean and efficient combustion of the gas.
• Flue tests to ensure correct location and operation of the flue terminal.
• Checks on gas supply pressure and rating.
• Carbon monoxide leak detection.

CO Alarm Option
ProService Technicians can also provide and install carbon monoxide alarms, providing you with additional peace of mind.