There are many types of water heater used to provide the hot water needed in most public commercial and industrial buildings. However, in order to ensure health and safety they all require regular inspection and maintenance.

The biggest threat to the safety of hot water supplies is the risk of infection by legionella bacteria. This may occur when the system is inadequately maintained.

A secondary risk is that of burns and scalds due to inadequate safety measures being in place. This poses a particular risk to children and older people. Both of these risks may be mitigated by having a good maintenance plan in place.

ProService Technicians can provide a service to ensure the safety of all hot water systems. Our experienced and trained technicians will come to your building and carry out any necessary inspection and service work.
• Experienced and trained service technicians.
• Inspection of water heaters and distribution systems.
• Checking of anti-legionella measures.
• Electrical safety inspection checks.
• Ensuring controls are adequate to prevent burns and scalds.

Please call us to arrange service of your water heating appliances and systems.