Boiler servicing ensures your gas boiler is running safely and efficiently. An annual gas boiler service is important as it ensures that the gas boiler is running to the specifications recommended by the boiler manufacturer.

Not only does a gas boiler service ensure your safety, you are also saving yourself money as a regularly serviced boiler runs more efficiently, and saves you money on costly breakdowns over time.

One of our RGII registered technicians will visit your home, and carry out the work in compliance with Irish standards and current Health & Safety regulations.

We follow a 33 point boiler service checklist which includes:
• Installation and Location Tests to ensure you boiler is properly installed.
• Electrical safety inspection checks that the boiler is safely earthed.
• Combustion tests ensure clean and sufficient combustion of the gas.
• Flue tests to ensure correct location and operation of the flue terminal.
• Checks on gas supply pressure and rating.
• Carbon monoxide leak detection.