Solar heating can provide free hot water from the sun. In general these systems are very reliable but if something goes wrong, ProService Technicians can get your solar water heating system back up and running.

In order to ensure your solar thermal system is working at optimum efficiency it is important that it is serviced regularly. Our technicians have a strong technical training and are able to offer service and repair of all types of solar water heating systems.

Our solar service includes the following:
• Basic checks of location and installation.
• Testing of the concentration and PH of the glycol fluid in the system.
• Set correct system flowrate
• Checks to ensure that the system will not freeze in cold weather.
• Review the control settings to ensure system is operating correctly.
• Check of system pressure.
• Functional test to ensure correct operation
• Repair of any physical damage to the system.

• We can also replace solar tubes, top up solar fluid, replace pumps or water heating tanks as needed.