Solar PV can generate free electricity from the sun saving you money. It also has the benefit that it reduces the usage of harmful fossil fuels and replaces them with free renewable energy from the sun.

If you are building a new house, the installation of a PV system can help you comply with the Irish Building Regulations.

In order to install a solar PV system, you must have a south-facing location in which to install the solar PV modules (sometimes called solar panels). This could be on the roof of your house or garage, or in another location such as the garden. The solar modules will be connected to an electrical inverter which converts the DC electricity produced by the modules into AC electricity which can be used in your home and exported to the electricity grid.

ProService Technicians provides an efficient and cost effective installation service for solar PV systems. One of our trained technicians will come to your home and carry out a survey. During the survey he will check to ensure that the solar modules can be installed so that they face southwards and that they will not be overshadowed by any obstacles such as trees or other buildings.

If everything is ok, we will prepare a quotation for the installation. We use the latest high-quality solar modules and inverters.
• Trained and skilled installation technicians.
• Installation carried out in accordance with Irish codes of practice.
• Safe work practices for access and working at height.
• Correct interconnection to the ESB grid using Irish approved inverter.
• Extended warranty available.
• Annual maintenance plan available.

Solar PV installation available from €2500. Please contact us to arrange a survey.