Water Services

ProService Technicians offer a range of expert water services
including Water Leak Detection and Repair but we also offer
a Lead Pipe Replacement service.

We use state of the art detection technology which ensures
we can find any leaks within 1m2. We can then evaluate the leak
and decide if a non-invasive method of repair is possible.
If not, we also offer a full dig and repair service.

We have a network of technicians throughout Ireland therefore
we can attend most issues in a timely manner.

Water Services

Water Leak Detection

ProService can expertly and rapidly detect underground leaks in domestic central heating, water mains and hot and cold water systems. Once we locate the leak we can excavate and repair, bringing everything back to normal within a matter of hours.

Water Leak Repair

At ProService Technicians, we offer a full dig and repair service along with pipe replacement. In some cases it may not be practical or cost effective to repair a leak.

Lead Pipe Replacement

ProService Technicians offers an expert and efficient lead pipe replacement service. ProService Technicians uses the latest in trenchless digging technology, we have specialised moling equipment which allows us to carry out lead water pipe repair and replacement without the need to excavate