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ProService Technicians provide growing expert technical services for commercial and industrial buildings throughout Ireland along with domestic heating services. 

With 20 plus years’ experience in the industry we deliver quality, efficient and reliable HVAC services such as AHU replacement, retrofitting and maintenance, along with gas boiler and heat pump services, gas detection services just to name a few. You can find our full list of services on our website.

With our vast experience in the industry and nationwide presence of highly skilled and certified technicians, we provide excellent service to our valued customers whom we strive to impress on every project and maintenance requirements we engage in. 

ProService Technicians are constantly staying on top of new cutting-edge technology and being approved service agents with the best equipment suppliers in Ireland, RVR, ensures this will remain so.   

We look forward and are excited about the future of our specialised sector and the solutions we can bring for our current and future customers.      

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