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Specialists in Domestic Heating Services

Why us?

ProService specialises in domestic heating services providing installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our expert engineers are specialists in gas boilers, heat pumps and solar systems so your equipment is in safe hands.

Using cutting-edge technology, all our technicians are equipped with iPads, using the latest in field-management software which enables us to provide up-to-date reporting on every piece of equipment we work on.  When a technician attends site, they create a unique identification ID on their iPad for your heating system. This ID badge records the details of every product they service. This means we have a complete record of every unit our technicians have ever worked on. 

Our services include as boiler servicing and repair, boiler installations and upgrades, heat pump servicing and repair and solar servicing/maintenance.      


Boiler servicing ensures your gas boiler is running safely and efficiently. An annual gas boiler service is important as it ensures that the gas boiler is running to the specifications recommended by the boiler manufacturer.

Not only does a gas boiler service ensure your safety, but you are also saving yourself money as a regularly serviced boiler runs more efficiently and saves you money on costly breakdowns over time.

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ProService are experts in gas boiler repairs and specialists of Immergas brands. We have not only built up a great reputation of homeowners, but we also have over 20 years' experience in the industry enabling us to quickly diagnose the problem and offer you a speedy solution.

All our technicians are RGII registered and carry out work in compliance with Irish standards and current Health & Safety regulations. What do you get from our boiler service?

• Installation and Location Tests to ensure you boiler is correctly installed.

• Electrical safety inspection checks that the boiler is safely earthed.

• Combustion tests ensure clean and sufficient combustion of the gas.

• Flue tests to ensure correct location and operation of the flueterminal.

• Checks on gas supply pressure and rating.

• Carbon monoxide leak detection.

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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are highly efficient appliances, which can provide low-cost heating when installed and maintained properly. There are several types of heat pump including Air/Water and Geothermal.

We service and provide maintenance on Mitsubishi, Immergas and other branded heat pumps. ProService are the official service agents for RVR EnergyTechnology Kenmare.

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Regular servicing of your heat pump ensures that it is maintained in tip-top condition and will continue to sufficiently supply low-cost heating for many years.

A regular serviced heat pump is safer, more efficient, and less likely to let you down. One of our trained technicians will come to your home and service your heat pump in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.  What do you get from our heat pump service?

  • Manufacturer trained service technicians.
  • Installation and Location Tests to ensure you heat pump is correctly installed.
  • Electrical safety inspection checks that the heat pump is safely earthed.
  • Checking of refrigerant pressure levels.
  • Cleaning of coil sand other surfaces.
  • Checking of correct control operation.

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Solar heating can provide free hot water from the sun. In general these systems are reliable but if something goes wrong, ProService Technicians can get your solar water heating system back up and running.

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To ensure your solar thermal system is working at optimum efficiency it is important that it is serviced regularly. Our technicians have strong technical training and can offer service and repair of all types of solar water heating systems. We can also replace solar tubes, top up solar fluid, replace pumps or water heating tanks as needed.

Our solar service includes the following:

• Basic checks of location and installation.

• Testing of the concentration and PH of the glycol fluid in the system.

• Set correct system flow rate

• Checks to ensure that the system will not freeze in cold weather.

• Review the control settings to ensure system is operating correctly.

• Check of system pressure.

• Functional test to ensure correct operation

• Repair of any physical damage to the system.  

We also provide a solar PV service.

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