Carmelite Friary Church


We were contracted to replace the heating system for the Carmelite order in their Kildare Church, the original unit was supplied by RVR Energy Technology Ltd. in 1997. The unit had served this church for 25 years and was in need of replacement.

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Carmelite Friary Church

We designed a replacement unit that incorporated 2 no. 135kw condensing indirect gas modules along with high efficiency EC Fans, this unit was built to the highest standard by Mark Eire in Coolea Co. Cork.

Lucey Control Systems (LCS) supplied and commissioned the controls which have touchscreen controls and remote access so we can monitor the unit at our ease with any fault being emailed to the customer and our 24hr monitoring service that is free for 12 months and included in a maintenance contract thereafter. 


The original unit was a direct fired which was standard practice for such units supplied well into the 00’s and these RVR units served well being very well manufactured with rock solid components they were pretty bullet proof but as the burners got older the seals break down causing an unpleasant smell in the heated space due to bad combustion, as they are direct fired the combustion products enter the building with the heated air which will cause an unpleasant atmosphere if there is bad combustion. The fan motors were unable to have speed control as a constant airflow/pressure was required which did not help running costs and noise levels.


Now with the new unit installed which comprises of indirect heating design with the modulating condensing gas modules and high efficiency EC modulating fans they are enjoying a healthier more pleasant space and reduced energy costs due to the high efficiency design of the new unit. 


This project was completed start to finish in 2 weeks. 

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