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Why us?

ProService Technicians provide growing expert technical services for commercial and industrial buildings throughout Ireland.

ProService Technicians offer an extensive range of expert and technical services for commercial and industrial buildings throughout Ireland such as servicing, repairs, heating equipment upgrades and new installations. Our extensive network of technicians are both RGI and F-Gas registered and expertly trained to ensure you receive the best service.  

We complete a 33-point checklist for each piece of equipment to ensure optimal efficiency and safe operation of the units. Our checklists include installation and location tests, electrical safety inspection checks and combustion and flue tests for gas equipment.      


We provide service, repair and commissioning of large wall hung and floor-standing boilers for both Immergas and MHG along with other leading makes of boilers and can also help with replacement of equipment for our customers.

ProService are very proud to be the official service agents for RVR Energy Technology boilers and all gas fired equipment. We have recently commissioned 4MW of boiler power for RVR Energy Technology in a recent single project and have assisted in many new and retrofit projects in the last number of years.

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When running a business, it is important to ensure you are providing a safe environment for your customers and staff. Regular servicing is recommended to ensure your gas boilers are performing safety and efficiently. It is recommended that boilers are serviced after every 2,500running hours or no later than 12 months from the last full service.

Our service technicians are technical experts and highly experienced, they can identify and resolve issues promptly minimising disruption to your business. Our technicians provide service reports for your records detailing the work that was carried out as well as any remedial work recommendations that should be attended to.

We follow a 33-point boiler service checklist which includes:

• Installation and Location Tests to ensure you boiler is correctly installed.

• Electrical safety inspection checks that the boiler is safely earthed.

• Combustion tests which ensure clean and efficient combustion of the gas.

• Flue tests to ensure correct location and operation of the flue terminal.

• Checks on gas supply pressure and rating.

• Carbon monoxide leak detection.

CO Alarm and Gas Detection

ProService Technicians can also provide and install carbon monoxide alarms and gas detection systems, providing you with additional peace of mind.

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Infra-Red Radiant Gas Heaters are mounted at high-level in a building and beam their infra-red heat energy to occupants at floor-level.

There are several types of gas-fired infra-red heater. These include radiant tube heaters and incandescent radiant plaque heaters.

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While these products are designed to give many years of trouble-free operation, they benefit from regular servicing. This ensures their long-term efficiency and reliability. ProService Technicians can provide service for all types and brands of infra-red gas heaters. Our experienced and trained technicians will come to your building and carry out any necessary service work.

• Experienced and trained service technicians.

• 33-point checklist to ensure quality service.

• Installation and Location Tests to ensure you heater is correctly installed.

• Electrical safety inspection checks that the boiler is safely earthed.

• Combustion tests ensure clean and efficient combustion of wood.

• Flue tests to ensure correct draft.

• Carbon monoxide leak detection.

Please call us to arrange service of your infra-red, radiant gas heaters.

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Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units (AHU) provide critical services in most public and commercial buildings. They provide heating, cooling, filtration and mixing of the air for the building.

Their correct operation provides high-quality air in the building, ensuring the comfort and health of occupants.

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We provide AHU replacement, retrofitting and maintenance of all make and models of Air-Handling Units. Belts and filters need to change regularly, and other components such as fans, heating coils, cooling coils, condensate drains, actuators and sensors will need regular inspection and maintenance.

Regular servicing can prevent costly, disruptive breakdowns and reduce energy consumption. A poorly operating Air Handling Unit can consume up to 40% more energy than an Air Handling Unit which is regularly serviced. A full service carried out by an experiencedProService technician includes belt and filter change, as well as testing off an operation, damper function, motor currents, and heat exchangers.

What do you get from out AHU service?

• Trained and experienced AHU technicians

• Verification that your AHU is operating correctly.

• Scheduled replacement of consumables such as filters and belts.

• Electrical safety and electric motor inspection.

• Combustion testing of AHU’s which include gas-fired heating sections.

• Airflow testing to ensure specified performance.

Call us today to arrange a survey of the AHU’s installed in your building.

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Gas Detection

We provide gas detection installations and servicing of all make and models. Gas detection systems need to be serviced, calibrated, and maintained.

The calibration and maintenance period of the system depends on the environment, in which the detector is required to operate. Typically, the maintenance/calibration period is 6-12 month.  

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Air Conditioning

We provide air conditioning installation and servicing for these systems, we can design, supply and install systems for applications in your home, office or business. We work with different leading manufactures to design the system around your needs with the correct choice of equipment.

All our technicians are F-Gas registered and trained in the equipment we provide. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an Air conditioning survey/inspection.

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Heat Pumps

We service and provide maintenance on Mitsubishi, Immergas and other branded heat pumps. ProService are the official service agents for RVR Energy Technology Kenmare.

Regular servicing of your heat pump ensures that it is maintained in tip-top condition and will continue to sufficiently supply low-cost heating for many years

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A well serviced heat pump is safer, more efficient, and less likely to let you down. One of our trained technicians will come to your home and service your heat pump in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

What do you get from our heat pump service?

• Manufacturer trained service technicians.

• Installation and Location Tests to ensure you heat pump is correctly installed.

• Electrical safety inspection checks that the heat pump is safely earthed.

• Checking of refrigerant pressure levels.

• Cleaning of coils and other surfaces.

• Checking of correct control operation.

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To ensure your solar system is working at optimum efficiency it is important that it is serviced regularly.

Our technicians have strong technical training and can offer service and repair of all types of solar water heating systems, both PV and Thermal.

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We also replace solar tubes/panels, top up solar fluid, replace pumps and water heating tanks as needed. Solar heating can provide free hot water from the sun.In general, these systems are very reliable but if something goes wrong,ProService Technicians can get your solar water heating system back up and running.

What do you get from our solar service?

• Basic checks of location and installation.

• Testing of the concentration and PH of the glycol fluid in the system.

• Set correct system flow rate

• Checks to ensure that the system will not freeze in very cold weather.

• Review the control settings to ensure system is operating correctly.

• Check of system pressure.

• Functional test to ensure correct operation

• Repair of any physical damage to the system.

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