Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units (AHU) provide critical services in most public and commercial buildings. They provide heating, cooling, filtration and mixing of the air for the building.

Their correct operation provides high-quality air in the building, ensuring the comfort and health of occupants.

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We provide AHU replacement, retrofitting and maintenance of all make and models of Air-Handling Units. Belts and filters need to change regularly, and other components such as fans, heating coils, cooling coils, condensate drains, actuators and sensors will need regular inspection and maintenance.

Regular servicing can prevent costly, disruptive breakdowns and reduce energy consumption. A poorly operating Air Handling Unit can consume up to 40% more energy than an Air Handling Unit which is regularly serviced. A full service carried out by an experiencedProService technician includes belt and filter change, as well as testing off an operation, damper function, motor currents, and heat exchangers.

What do you get from out AHU service?

• Trained and experienced AHU technicians

• Verification that your AHU is operating correctly.

• Scheduled replacement of consumables such as filters and belts.

• Electrical safety and electric motor inspection.

• Combustion testing of AHU’s which include gas-fired heating sections.

• Airflow testing to ensure specified performance.

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